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Do you still have questions or concerns when making a decision?

It’s ok, in this part, all of your worries and concerns will be solved.
If you have any questions about the orders, order process, quality
assurance, or refund issues, hope this part will help you a lot!

Frequently Asked Questions

We are the best fake diploma manufacturers in the world. We have professional manufacturing skills and professional sales staff to provide you with nanny-style services and make your shopping process easy and enjoyable!

Is the process for me to buy a fake diploma online troublesome? First contact our salesperson, explain your needs, the salesperson quotes, pays a deposit, gives you a form, you fill it out (confirm it is correct), and then send the form to us. You confirm the content. we do. Then ship it.

We can accept about 4 payment methods.
1. PayPal 2. Western Union 3. T/T 4. Alipay or WeChat.
50%of the full payment is a deposit.

After payment, within 2 days, we will issue a draft and ask you to confirm
After your confirmation, we will send your documents to you within 3 days,
Generally counting from the customization, it can arrive in your hands in about 7 days.

You pay us the remaining 50% before the documents are sent.

If you have any problems receiving your documents, just give us a call and solve the problem you are having.

This is the most basic guarantee for you. If the problem cannot be solved, we will refund you.

By placing an order from fakediplomabar you will get:

There are more opportunities to choose a job than someone without a diploma.
We make diploma paper and size 100% the same as original
Embossing, holography, hot stamping, watermark, fluorescent, hot stamping, local UV, and other special processes can be provided
Friendly and professional customer service staff provide 7*24 hours online service
Prices everyone can afford
Will provide soft copy and hard copy according to your needs
Pictures or videos about your order can be sent to you before shipping
If you have DIY customization needs for diplomas/degrees/transcripts/certificates/ID cards/visas/passports, etc., if you want to increase your self-esteem through diplomas, if you want to find your favorite job by buying diplomas
Let us know by email:

Still have questions? Call us or Whatsapp us at +852 622 47482 at any time!

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